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About us

Founded in 1995 by Mr Jörn Alexander Heye and Michael P. Wagner, the company of JAM System Gesellschaft für Business Information Technologie mbH  from the long-standing collaboration of the two founders since 1986 in many projects of various companies together as freelancer, were involved and become acquainted and learned to appreciate.

In 1995 with the company of Digital Equipment  a major customer could be already acquired. For Digital the company JAM Systems GmbH processing the incurred Demo&Loan Equipment in Germany, Austria and Swiss (DACH). Next to this important contact for the young company the Consulting Division was be built up and developed. This included in the following years mainly activities for the Munich Reinsurance AG, Microsoft Germany, AGIP Germany and Siemens AG.

From 1996 and after the company Digital Equipment was sold, the JAM Systems GmbH continued the successful cooperation and partnership with now Compaq and then later with Hewlett Packard. Among JAM Systems GmbH wrapped the Communications in TV and Internet and network connectivity of Compaq grand slam tournaments in Munich off in December 1996. As further and second hardware manufacturer the JAM Systems GmbH  took Dell onboard in the year 2000.

As a independent system integrator now established, JAM Systems GmbH were in the following years the partnerships to Microsoft, Lotus/IBM, Cisco, Dell and HP (earlier DIGITAL / Compaq) in many acivities expanded and deepened. As certified ASE from Compaq, certified Microsoft Solution Provider and thanks to of qualified knowledge and good contacts to the Lotus Development Group numerous projects were realized in network and database in a wide variance to customers in the various sectors.

Because we focus us more on our core competence Certified on networks & system and knowledge management we certified us in September 2000 as premium partner of the CISCO company.

2001 we were in the B2B sector with our project and profile database action. Projects were from the first quarter 2001 handled (see Business Intelligence).


JAM Systems GmbH

the JAM System Gesellschaft für Business Information Technologie mbH is as Advisory System House for the information, knowledge and network management, planning and management Intranet and Extranet Solutions and Infrastructure Solutions for companies specialised (B2B).

We know as our duty, information technology to support the individual organisations to optimize.

The implementation of strategic visions in progressive system architectures, whose implementation form in heterogeneous networks and the integration in existing environments were and are the focus of our work.


JAM Systems International LLC

Since 2000 JAM Systems works direct or as a sub-contractor in different private or public (defense) projects in the Middle East, especially in the United Arab Emirates. Because we make more business in the Middle East, JAM Systems International - Business Information Technology LLC  was founded at the end of 2007 in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.. Especially the partnership with Dr. Tammam al Tabbaá from Precision Electro Mechanical Est. ind Abu Dhabi was very helpful by many projects. Dr.Tammam is one of the partners of JAM Sytems International. 

JAM Systems International LLC. is also a Advisory System House in the U.A.E. for information, knowledge and network management (ICT), planning and management of Intranet and Extranet Solutions and Infrastructure Solutions for companies specialised (B2B).

JAM Systems International LLC. gives Business Support like Marketing and Project Management for Investments Projects in the Middle East like in Green Energy market or in e-Health market.

JAM Systems International LLC. makes International Trading in the field of ICT and industrial spare parts for maintenance or in the construction machine market.  



Of comprehensive technology and organization consulting with focus on network and Infrastructure and "turnkey ready" delivering of a project...

Powerful solutions from one hand

Consulting, adaption and extension of standard and custom made software and the corresponding project-related training of end users, administrators and in-house-developers...

We find for you right Software and provide smoothly

B2B - B2C - outsourcing? No other language. We have experience as ASP provider in providing necessary resources...

Tailor-made solutions for your needs

Installing and configuring hardware and software, what ever server system, network component, operating system or database...

Our experience - your advantage!



Our Know-How:

Intensive experience in dealing with latest network technology and groupware and workflow systems, Internet - Intranet - Extranet and WorldWideWeb

In a variety of projects we could demonstrate our expertise and performance for Trade Companies, Banks, Insurance, Industry and Service Companies (and many more). Project overview



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